Laugh it up

Laugh it up

1-hour specials. Raw club footage. And everything in between. All from some of today's funniest comics. If you love comedy, you'll love Punchup.

Welcome to Punchup

Where comedic voices can find their audience.

On Punchup, everyone from headliners to open-mic'ers can curate and share their material, and build direct connections with their fans. No shadow-ban algorithms. No two-drink minimums either. Instead, we've leveled the playing field, and created the platform where comedy belongs.

Champagne of Comedy
Joe List
Sam Morril
Josh Wolf
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Connect in Whole New Ways

Go beyond the clubs and stages. Dive into a community that craves your unique brand of humor. Punchup is the platform where your comedy thrives and your fans feel right at home.

Aaron Berg
Robert Kelly
Carmen Lynch
Rachel Feinstein
Yannis Pappas